Copy that connects in YOUR brand voice

Throwing words on the page, sprinkling in a bit of personality, and calling it a day doesn't cut it around here.

To really connect with your audience, we measure, research, and analyze exactly what to say and how to say it before painstakingly assembling each word on the page.

Brand Voice Analysis

Your voice is as unique as the brand you’ve built. That’s why we take the time to understand it inside and out — so even you can’t tell you didn’t write it. ;)

Competitive Analysis

Checking out your competitors means we get to expose new opportunities in your space and double down on what makes you unique.

Voice of Customer Research

There’s no one better to tell you how to attract new ideal clients than your past ideal clients. So we go straight to the source, talk to them, and mine the gold in their words.

"From my very first call with Elle, I spent exactly 0% of my time worrying about my website. I’m now confident in my website and have already noticed fewer bounces and more potential clients ready to get started."

- Christina Heath, PMP, Consultant

Clear copy works.

I’m Elle—former Dental Hygienist turned freelance conversion copywriter for coaches, consultants, and creatives. (Why yes, I do enjoy alliteration. Was it obvious?)

My experience as a patient advocate taught me to ask questions that uncover motives so I can speak the language that connects and empathizes with any audience. 

Now, I use those strategies to dig into deep benefits and write clear, compelling messages that sound like you and speak your clients’ secret language.

Stress less.

There are plenty of things in your business only you can handle. Writing copy that attracts and converts your dream clients isn’t one of them.

Focus on the areas where you’re irreplaceable, and I’ll handle the copywriting stress for you!

Sell more.

Let’s figure out where your marketing message needs to take you and if I don’t already have a package that suits your needs, I’ll customize one that fits.

Need more support? I’ll connect you to the expert you need to finish your project faster!

"My experience with Elle was incredibly professional, but also fun!”

Stephanie Hill-Manuel

Stephanie Hill-Manuel

Scaling and Ops Strategist

I just wrapped up a sales page package with Elle and am thrilled with how painless and seamless the whole process was.

From the discovery call, I could tell immediately that she really understood the message I was trying to convey and love how much of my personality she brought into the copy. I especially enjoyed being invited to act as a collaborative partner in the review process and walk through the copy in real-time.

I’d absolutely recommend Elle to anyone looking for copy and a process that’s efficient, enjoyable, and excellent (3 E’s for Elle)!

Michelle DeNio

Michelle DeNio

Business Coach and Strategist

Elle is INCREDIBLE to work with! I truly cannot say enough about her or our work together.

She is not only skilled as a copywriter but what I love most about working with Elle is her ability to listen and truly capture your voice. She is open to feedback and will do whatever she can to get your copy to a place that not only converts but feels and sounds like you and your business.

I truly cannot see my business ever being without her at this point! I am so happy we connected on LinkedIn and anyone who works with her will tell you the same!

Keltie Maguire

Keltie Maguire

Clarity Coach

I had the good fortune of having Elle audit the sales page for my group coaching program, Unstuck & In-Motion, and I'm so glad I did.

Elle's recommendations were on point, clearly communicated, and oh-so-helpful. Plus, she is a complete delight to work with and helped me see my sales page with fresh eyes (which is super difficult to do when you've read something, oh, about 8 million times).

I would absolutely not hesitate to hire or recommend Elle for any of my future writing projects. She knows her stuff and makes the process of getting clear copy that converts a ton of fun!

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