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I’m Laurel, but my friends call me Elle.

I’m a conversion copywriter for coaches, creatives, and consultants.

If I had to guess what brought you here, I might say

01. You don’t have time to run your business and stay on top of your email newsletters, web copy updates, blog posts, social media copy…whew! The list goes on, doesn't it?
02. You’ve recently shifted something in your business or target audience.
(And you've been struggling ever since to find the right words to reach the right people.)
03. You find it Torturous with a capital T to write about yourself, your business, and your general awesomeness without sounding totally cheesy.

And I get it.

Writing my own website copy was so fun (that’s sarcasm btw) that I found myself organizing my kids’ closets to procrastinate a bit longer.

But *cue sigh* you can’t get anywhere without effective copywriting. 

Because copywriting done right can:

Get you more clicks (and fewer bounces) on your website
Increase your qualified leads and set you up for successful discovery calls
Make you $1000s of extra dollars on your next launch*

*Just a few of my clients’ results.

That’s why you need to work with someone who goes beyond the creative aspect of writing. Someone who digs into the science of it all to being strategy and wordsmithing together.

(And — BONUS — someone who leaves you with that blown away, “This sounds just like me, HOW did she even pull this off” kinda feeling.)

Okay, but really, who am I?

In a plot twist to rival Gone, Girl…

Before I became a copywriter, I was a registered hygienist,
educating dental hygiene students as a clinical instructor at my old university.

And I learned a lot there that I use today.

Thanks to my unique position as both student and teacher of the same program, my specialty is simplifying complicated ideas through research, analysis, and empathy.

I’m also a (recovering) perfectionist, a time stickler, and an annoyingly resourceful self-starter.

So if you love working with dependable dorks who get the job done

I’m your girl!

Let’s do this project right the first time so you can get back to more important things.

Like handling all the leads your new copy pulls in. 

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When I’m not writing killer copy that converts, you can find me…

Exploring outside — especially when it’s not -40°C below ❄️ — camping, hiking, or being inspired by our Northern Canadian forests and mountains.
Cooking something delish (vegetarian 🥕 for me; meaty for my husband and 2 small carnivores kids).
Curled up with a good book 📚 and a cat on my lap on my favorite teal-colored chair.

How do I make the copy magic happen?

It may sound like a lot of work (trust me, it is), but from your end, it’s as seamless as can be:

Kinda like this...

Christina Heath

Elle analyzed my writing style and communications and then got to work creating web copy that evoked the tone and ethos I wanted, and kept the best interest of my clients and potential clients top of mind. 

My reaction to the majority of the content drafted was something akin to, and several variations of, “YASSS! That’s it!”

Christina Heath

Strategic Alignment Coach
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