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But can’t get rid of me that easily!

Before your copy goes live, I give it a once-over and suggest any changes or tweaks that need to be made before you (or your designer) hit publish.


You’ve got the POWER…

Over the timeline for your copy project, at least.

The quicker you get your feedback to me, the quicker I incorporate those suggestions and make edits to perfect your copy.

When you give me the final go-ahead, your copy doc gets its proofreading check, and it’s hot off the presses for you to put to work!

Like any good science nerd, I start by researching everything:

  • Your voice
  • Your clients
  • Your competition
  • And analyze it all to develop messaging themes that work.

    Before you know it, you’ve got your first draft full of words that resonate with your ideal clients, and you’re asking, “Wait, this sounds just like me. Did I write this in my sleep?!”

    (I promise, I don’t have that technology)

    You always get 2 rounds of edits – if you need them – and we work together to perfect your project.

    All that’s left for you to do after that is bask in how much of a rockstar your new copy makes you feel like.


    We get to know each other, and you tell me all about your:

  • Brand
  • Ideal clients
  • Campaign and business goals
  • And whatever else you feel like sharing.

    (Who doesn’t love bonding over a mutual love for 90s music and obscure Friends references, right?)


    If we decide we’re a match, I’ll send you a detailed proposal and you’ll choose your best-fit package. Then it’s contract, deposit invoice, and we’re ready to roll into…


    This phase is all about diving deep into your brand story, personality, and voice.

    Then I conduct real-live interviews with your most ideal clients, ‘sus out your competition, and poke around the market to compile the building blocks for seriously good copy. Fuelled by copious amounts of coffee, of course.


    Before you know it, your shiny first draft has landed in your inbox, along with a walkthrough video..